30-day free trial on TAGARNO applications

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30-day free trial on TAGARNO applications

30-day free trial on TAGARNO applications

Starting with firmware version 4.3, everyone with a TAGARNO FHD PRESTIGE, TREND or UNO can try any of the TAGARNO software apps for free for 30 days. By allowing all customers full access to all features of all applications, everyone can test our digital microscope solutions before making any investments. 

  • Measurement application - perform precise measurements such as point-to-point, circle, angle, area measurements and other directly from your FHD microscope
  • Focus Stacking - Create ultra-sharp image from top to bottom of an object with no out of focus areas by automatically stacking images at different focus heights on top of each other.
  • Verification Lines - Quality check objects based on accurate calibrated measures by placing vertical and/or horizontal lines as a layer on top of your object
  • Image Comparison - The app allows you to compare PCB samples to a reference image of a golden sample in various ways.
  • Speck counter - Automatically count specks in any type of flour
  • Watermark - Brand a captured image with your logo, confidential text or date, time, field of view, microscope name and serial number as an imprint on the image

New applications



In order to activate your 30-day free license, go to the Applications tab in the microscope menu and choose any of the applications available. When selecting an application, you will be asked if you want to activate your 30-day free trial. Click OK to gain access to all the applications available.




If you want to see the status of your trial license, head over to System information where you can find that information.




Learn more

Watch the video below for a step-by-step guide on how to activate the 30-day trial license.





We encourage all our existing and future customers to take advantage of this free trial feature.