Inspection solutions with IPC CFX standard

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Inspection solutions with IPC CFX standard

GÖPEL electronic intensifies its work on smart factory solutions and networked electronics manufacturing. The inspection systems (AOI-AXI-SPI) now have been added to the IPC-CFX-2591 Qualified Products List. IPC-CFX (Connected Factory Exchange) is an IIoT technology standard for the assembly industry and basis for Industry 4.0 and Smart-Digital-Factory Solutions in order to optimize production processes.


With IPC-CFX, the GÖPEL electronic inspection solutions now have a unique interface for the acquisition of all operating data. The AOI, AXI and SPI systems thus can be integrated into manufacturing execution systems via IPC-CFX. Specifically, the inspection systems for checking the solder paste, the solder joints and the component placement are networked with each other and communicate with other machines in the entire electronics production line. Not only is the final quality of the produced electronic assemblies themselves becoming more and more important, but the quality of the manufacturing processes is also becoming more and more demanding.


IPC-CFX is a plug-and-play, industry-developed solution that simplifies and standardizes machine-to-machine communication while also facilitating machine-to-business and business-to-machine applications, forming the foundation for Factory of the Future applications. IPC-CFX is supported by IPC-2591, Connected Factory Exchange (CFX), which sets IPC-CFX message requirements by equipment type. Successful utilization of IPC-CFX on the shop floor requires confidence and trust that equipment has been qualified to IPC-CFX by an independent third party. The IPC-CFX-2591 QPL provides electronics manufacturers and OEMs assurance that the equipment they are buying meets their IPC-CFX implementation plans.


GÖPEL electronic develops and manufactures innovative electrical and optical measuring and testing technology as well as test and inspection systems for electronic components, assembled printed circuit boards as well as industrial electronics and automotive electronic systems. GOEPEL electronic is divided into four business units:

- Automotive Test Solutions

- Embedded JTAG Solutions

- Industrial Function Test

- Inspection Solutions AOI-AXI-SPI-IVS