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DDM Novastar Channel Partner InterElectronic Hungary

InterElectronic Hungary was founded in 2003 in Budapest, Hungary, with a mission to assist companies in finding SMT machines and equipment. They started as an official distributor/representative for APS Novastar in 2005 as one of our first international partners. They continue to this day, providing sales and support to DDM Novastar.

The company employs 10 people, several of whom have traveled over to the DDM Novastar factory in the United States for ongoing training on pick and place machines, reflow ovens, and solder systems. Karoly and his hard working team focus on developing strong professional relationships with all of their customers based on business value. They are always looking to find the right machine for their customers’ specific application.

InterElectronic-Hungary is especially proud of their support with new startup companies during the installation and setup of their machines. With help from their well-trained colleagues, Karoly and his team introduced their partners to electronic production and manufacturing technology and built their reputation on providing their customers with excellent post-warranty service.

InterElectronic-Hungary represents DDM Novastar in Hungary, Germany, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia & Montenegro, and Romania.

The first Novastar system they ever sold was an assembly line consisting of an SPR-40 stencil printer, an LE-40 pick and place machine, and GF-B reflow oven. Karoly’s current project with DDM Novastar involves two (2) LS-60s for the very same customer.

One of their more difficult and rewarding challenges they solved was for Cable World, Ltd, a US-Hungarian company, who manufactures custom solutions for hotels to deliver cable TV, phone and internet. Before, Cable World bought assembled PCBs with poor quality and long delivery times. With a new SPR-45, LS-60 pick and place machine with laser centering, and a GF-120 HT oven, they have maximized their quality and they are able to deliver ordered product with just a few days’ lead time. Also, with the new DDM Novastar line, they were able to reduce PCB sizes to quarter of their former size.

Some of their other customers in the low volume SMT world include: a high school in Paks City, Hungary (SPR-25, CS-40, GF-B); Mecatronica, in Alba Iulia, Romania (SPR-40, LS-60, GF-120); OEM ARi-Sep, located in Arad, Romania (SPR-25, LS-40, GF120–HT); Soniclab camera systems in Budapest, Hungary (GF-120HT); and Promat automotive prototypes in Bucuresti, Romania (SPR-25, LS-F40, GF-B).

In addition to service and support for the Novastar product line, Karoly and staff also represent a few other manufacturers with complementary product lines and supplies. Visit his website here, or download a copy of his Catalog with the DDM Novastar Product Line here.