Double-sided 3D inspection of THT assemblies

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Double-sided 3D inspection of THT assemblies

At SMTconnect 2022, GOEPEL electronic presents itself as a specialist for flexible and innovative THT inspection systems. The system THT Line · 3D was the first device ever for double-sided, parallel inspection to be launched on the market, which is used in numerous electronics production facilities worldwide. The system has now been further developed, increasing inspection depth and inspection reliability.

The THT Line · 3D can now also inspect both the top and bottom of the assembly simultaneously in 3D. An additional 3D AOI module in the system makes this possible. As a result, it is possible, for example, to inspect selective solder joints on both sides of the assembly at the same time and to measure the solder volume and the pin length with the 3D method.

The THT Line · 3D is designed to inspect THT components, THT solder joints and wave soldered SMD components in one system. The automatic or manual feeding of assemblies can be carried out both with and without workpiece carriers. The PILOT AOI system software offers the user a high level of operating comfort and maximum defect detection through different inspection methods. The MagicClick tool generates a production-ready inspection programme including component library in just a few minutes without any library entry. Parameters are automatically optimised taking into account process fluctuations and IPC class. This makes it possible to use AOI economically even with very small quantities.