ASH Inspex3


Simply smarter

Inspex 3 is a powerful, flexible and intuitive HD digital microscope designed around our new 30X HD Camera module.

This zoom camera module was designed by ASH to meet the industrial inspection needs of our customers. Inspex 3 is ideal for industries such as medical device, pharma, precision engineering and electronics.

ASH has incorporated unique patented high-speed image processing algorithms that deliver exceptional image quality, super-fast focus speed, and smooth digital zoom that makes inspection simpler, ergonomic and efficient.

The benefits of the Inspex 3 system are clear to see.




Superb Image Quality

Experience unrivalled Full HD video imaging never seen before in an Ash system.

The Inspex 3 offers an enhanced, vibrant, crystal clear image for even the most demanding inspection applications.


Super Fast Auto-Focus

Place any part under the camera and it will immediately adjust the focus position allowing you to quickly and seamlessly inspect your part without having to adjust manual focus or change the height of the part.


Manual Rocker Focus

Save time by quickly adjusting the focus using the rocker icon to inspect the area of interest on a sample part when in manual focus mode.



Quickly focus on the area of interest by simply using the mouse pointer.

Improve accuracy and reduce human error with the capabilities of Spot Focus.


AshTruColour™ – True Colour Reproduction

View true colour reproduction of your sample with the Inspex 3. Replicate real and accurate colours as seen with the naked eye for true colour representation.


Advanced Camera Settings

The new Advanced Camera Settings gives the user more power to enhance the image for a wide range of inspection and measurement capabilities.

Tailor sharpness, contrast, saturation and camera shutter speed to suit your particular application.



Real-Time Lens Distortion Correction*.
Lens distortion is inherent in all microscopes. Image distortion at the outer edges of large samples is automatically corrected by the Inspex 3.


No Video Latency

The video from the Inspex 3 has zero delay. It’s 3x times faster than our previous systems.

View parts in real time with no video lag, allowing you to comfortably inspect, rework, modify and assemble any part.

There is no delay between movement under the camera and what you see on the screen.


The Inspex 3 maintains the following improved great features introduced with the hugely successful Inspex II.


Inspex 3 is factory calibrated before shipping. No time is wasted performing recalibrations between changing magnifications, greatly improving your overall inspection time.


Image Stacking

Inspex 3 automatically captures several images at different focal depths to create a fully focused, sharp, clear image for easy inspection.

Save time by removing the need to adjust the camera height or manual focus.


2D Measurement And Annotation

Point to point measurement and annotation of samples and creation of graticules.


User Privileges

User privilege settings enables operational control and traceability.

Assign multiple users with access to different settings and features, improving security and streamlining the inspection process.


  • Medical Device Manufacture

  • Pharma

  • Precision Engineering

  • Electronics

Key Benefits

  • In Process Visual Inspection, Rework And Assembly Of Component Parts

  • Connected For Traceability And Documentation. Store Images And Data On The Cloud.

  • Large Scale Inspection In A Production Environment

  • Final QC Release Inspection

Inspex 3 Technical Specifications


+5 2.1 – 65.6 / 66.1d – 131.6d 240 – 8.34 / 8.34 – 4.13 135 – 4.69 / 4.69 – 2.32 195 80 – 0.5 20 (50Hz)/ 17 (60Hz)
+10 Plan 1x 4.1 – 130 / 130.5d – 259.9d 80– 4.1 / 4.15 – 2.08 71 – 2.2 / 2.32- 1.16 79 42- 0.2 20 (50Hz)/ 17 (60Hz)
+25 51.7 – 323.4 / 325d – 646.7d 3.5– 1.75 / 1.65 – 0.85 1.75– 0.9 / 0.9 – 0.5 49 0.3– 0.015 20 (50Hz)/ 17 (60Hz)
+50 97.7 – 628 / 631.2d – 1256.1d 2.1 – 1 / 1.2 – 0.44 2 – 0.6 / 0.7 – 0.26 36 15um – 4um 20 (50Hz)/ 17 (60Hz)


Technical Specifications

Zoom Range (with supplied +5 lens) 2.1 – 131.6x
Operating Temperature Operating: 5 Celcius – 40 Celcius. Storage: -10 Celsius – 60 Celcius
Camera 1920 x 1080 Resolution 60fps
Image Capture Internal Image Capture 16gb. Optional Removable USB.
Monitor Connections HDMI/DVI
Power 24W
Monitor Requirements HD Ready or Full HD (Recommended)
Dimensions 216mm x 125mm x 136mm
Input/Output HDMI Out USB 2.0 (Port x 4). Mini USB. IO (Port x3). DC Power Jack (24V)
Weight 1.5Kg


Package contents

  • Inspex 3
  • Quadrant Controllable Ring Light
  • +5 Lens
  • Mouse & Mat
  • Keyboard
  • Power supply
  • HDMI to HDMI cable
  • Operation Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Mini USB Cable (for PC connection)
  • Grounding Cable
  • USB Memory Stick
  • Arm Bracket (for stand mounting)
  • Arm Receiver
  • Cleaning Cloth

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